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color me ‘obsessed’.

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i am unequivocally in LOVE with these scarfs! i’m dying to have one!

and everyone has one! marc jacobs is looking all douchey with one, and rihanna’s going all nutso in her video with one!

it isn’t fair!

my fav is ADR’s pink/black&white striped one.

how do i get one! i can’t take it!

❤ VS

boys only.

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burberry prorsum.

bottega veneta

dries van noten.


All photos courtesy of Dazed Digital

making my list.

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it’s been a bit since i’ve blogged, so i thought what better way to get back into the swing of things than a list of christmas presents for you all to peruse!


reading material:

Lanvin Book: It will look great in my apartment, as well as a fantastic source of inspiration… besides, i’m a total lanvinophile.

“The Art of Happiness” – i’m reading it right now, but i borrowed it from a friend and can’t highlight/underline/write in the margins, so i must own my own copy. if you haven’t read it, i highly suggest it, the beauty of simplicity of buddhism is slowly changing my life.

things to make me look cool:

Ray Ban Wayfarer: i’ve never owned a nice pair of sunnies… and since i didn’t get my lanvin ❤ h&m ones, these will do.

Prova Leopard Fringe Scarf: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! need this in my LIFE!


Lanvin Alien Print Tee: love this color, and love cool tees.

Lanvin Black Satin Bowtie: cus i’m classy.

Lanvin Parrot Embroidered Cap: seriously? mazeballs.



Alkemie Deco Scarab Necklace: bug-a-boo!!!! and they donate to a charity of your choice!

Rosewood Cuff: i’m loving wood jewelry right now, and this one is ideal because bangles so often won’t fit my hands!!!

Seed Bead Necklace: my bestie amy has one similar to this in pink, but i LOVE this green! and it’s so big!!!! dying!


i’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect thin, leather gloves. i used to have an amazing pair of motorcycle ones but lost them at a pizza place on a friends birthday… yes, i had been drinking. now stop judging me.

Dents Leather Studded Driving Gloves

Kenneth Cole Chain Leather Gloves

Labour of Love Leather and Suede Gloves

i think that about sums it up for now. wouldn’t want to look greedy. though i’m surprised there’s not a bag on here anywhere….

my game must be off.

happy shopping.

❤ VS

moma mia.

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i went to the NY MoMA for the first time today. the 4th floor was closed for installation, so i wasn’t able to see my favey rothko’s or reinhardt’s.

i did however, discover this gem.

gillian wearing. self-portrait at 17 years old. 2003.


❤ VS

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happy birthday mister president.

why do i have to share this with a national holiday? my birthday should be the holiday.

c’est la vie.

more love.

❤ VS

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i can’t even talk about this.

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i need a tent and a space heater. how cold do you think it’s going to be waiting in line?

i cried. stay out of my way.

you’ve been warned.

❤ VS

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love until we bleed.

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and i’m shootin.

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it’s my party, i’ll cry if i want to.

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it’s almost my birthday, and i will cry if i don’t rip some crappy paper off of a box of these.

*sad face*

❤ VS

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wipe the sleep from your eyes.

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can i wake up to this every morning?

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