love until we bleed.

Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on August 31, 2010

and i’m shootin.

❤ VS


hats off.

Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on July 27, 2010

check out the new spread by stylist sylvia holden for above the fray mag, featuring millinery by yours truly.

can ya dig it?

❤ VS


Posted in Fashion, Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on November 7, 2009

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

so i know i never use that word. but it really is the best description of the tribal shoot by photog rus anson featuring a look of mine from the show. to view the whole spread, as well as more of her work go to www.rusanson.com.


❤ VS

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alexis roll.

Posted in Holga, Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on October 16, 2009

a shoot of the bob toy shoot for the academy of art university.

i forgot to put the battery in.

but i think i like it more.

❤ VS

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ima miss my sis

Posted in Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on September 29, 2009

Photo 15

my dee-luxe edition is leaving for paris tomorrow. for real.

like, for real for real. it was one thing when she was just on the other side of the country, a place that is still familiar. but now, she’s living both our dreams. and i believe we shall be there together one day soon.

i love you my dee. and i believe that with each of us in fashion’s two great capitals, we will take over the world.


❤ VS

Photo 43

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fan me on facebook. now.

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seriously, stop effing around and click here.


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Photo: Hassan Said

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i put the “ill” in illustrate.

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i haven’t drawn this much, to this detail, since highschool. i’m trying to get back into the swing of things, but generally, i’m happy with the results.

❤ VS

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big apple.

Posted in News by Virgil Sparks on September 19, 2009

i’ve been doing a lot of photoshopping / drawing in the past few weeks getting my portfolio ready for my big nyc interviews. (and one top secret thing that i mentioned before, and will keep updating you as information progresses.)



i’ve also updated to a new business card from one of the flowers i painted during textiles class. i’ve integrated the series into my potfolio as well, and my resume. which i’ll be posting here soon after a few more revisions.


i’m  here new york. so take a bite.

❤ VS

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fashion show roll.

Posted in Holga by Virgil Sparks on September 19, 2009

since i’ve decided to start trying to become more proficient with my holga, i thought i’d start you off with some of my older rolls, and update you as i go along.

here are the pics from backstage at the spring ’09 aau graduation fashion show.

more to come.

❤ VS

i love my iowa vacay because…

Posted in Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on September 13, 2009

birthday/labor day pontoon party barges, iowa city bday drink specials, meeting new nephews, brother’s getting married, friends being grown-ups, jetski times, driving back roads, sun roofs, eye shots, vintage stores, drawing times, late night jogs, mom’s potato salad, working for the dads, ignoring weird relatives, sleeping till noon, being hit on by “straight” boys, jackson 5 jumps, double aids, hamburg for free, new books, film cameras, being the skipper of the boat, nicknamed “skip”, trueblood avenue, bday miracles, being “way2cool4IA”


now, on to new york.

❤ VS

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