ima miss my sis

Posted in Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on September 29, 2009

Photo 15

my dee-luxe edition is leaving for paris tomorrow. for real.

like, for real for real. it was one thing when she was just on the other side of the country, a place that is still familiar. but now, she’s living both our dreams. and i believe we shall be there together one day soon.

i love you my dee. and i believe that with each of us in fashion’s two great capitals, we will take over the world.


❤ VS

Photo 43

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mad hatter.

Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on September 4, 2009

as my move draws closer (one week away) and my packing ensues. i find myself wondering, “what does go with the gorilla turban i made?”

something sparkly for sure.

Photgrapher: Marzette Henderson

Model: Alexis @ LOOK

Hair/Makeup: Dee Larsen

Jewelry: Elliot Gaskin






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My sista from another mista, who will soon be traveling to one fabulous french city for a year. (It begins with a “P” and rhymes with “heiress”) Just did a new shoot with my favey photog Kristin Cofer for the site painfully hip…

and the pics are painfully good.

is it wrong to be attracted to your bff/fake sister? God, i hope so.








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Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on August 10, 2009

Last saturday I had a photoshoot of my new works. Here are some proofs. Thanks a mil to my peeps.

look out new york.

Photographer: Kristin Cofer

Hair/Makeup: Morgan Evans

Model: Ellen @ Look

Jewelry: Janet Rim & Kristi Frank

Special Thanks to Dee Larsen, on Balloon Detail

❤ VS

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Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on February 8, 2009

For our next installment of 157, we’re going to be chillin’ with the lovely Dee Larsen in between our interpretive dance moments. One of the Bay Area’s very own, Ms. Larsen was handpicked by Madame Stevens fresh out of high-school to attend the ‘Cademy, and started her learning process in the Fine Arts Department.

“Originally I felt that saying I was a “Fashion Major” sounded a little pretentious, but the University doesn’t offer Fine Arts as a double major, and since I’ve always wanted to do this from the time I was making outfits for my Barbie’s, I just had to get over the fact that I might sound like a douche when someone asked what I do.”

When beginning her Senior Collection she thought that it should represent her tastes, personality and aesthetic. That it should be the epitome of her as a designer and the things she loved. She started with her all familiar post apocalyptic vibe and from there was drawn to movies that were similar from her past; specifically Mad Max and Waterworld.

“I have this dream of slaughtering all the lambs in California.”


This is why her collection, which is filled with zippers, thoughtful draping, and made almost entirely out of pigs and lambs skins is as amazing as it is. Her dark, muted color palette with a punch of a surprising color, (I’ll keep it a surprise,) achieves all of her goals.”

When asked about her road since the beginning of last semester she stares me down and says:

“It’s been intense. Intense but gratifying. With the long hours and hard work it’s difficult to keep focused after looking at your mock-ups being cut up and written all over and made out of these shitty fabrics. But in the end, after you see them made from the real fabrics that you’ve had to hunt for and spend hundreds, and on occasion thousands of dollars on, it’s worth every second and penny.”

She’ll continue this road over the upcoming weeks, in the hope of making it through that final cut. While we all know she’s going to make it, we shall send her back to work with our thoughts and prayers.

❤ VS

“Si se puede!”