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Lee Alexander McQueen

1969 – 2010

all my love.

you will be missed more than i can imagine.

❤ VS

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Daul Kim

1989 – 2009

all my love.

❤ always, VS

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dyed black couches.

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i walked into the building, the chill on my cheeks, the mist on my lips.

nervous but calm i pressed the elevator button. it glowed. i stepped inside and pressed floor 4 and i started up. the door opened to my right, surprised i looked and saw a gallery, the sign in the elevator said “3rd floor” so i proceeded down.

the door slid open.

eyes wide and mouth agape i took in the sight of what was in front of me. a world i have only dreamt of. the exposed brick walls with white wash in places. the dingy patchwork panels floating both quietly and elegantly to divide the large space from fittings, show room, shipments and technology.

to my left the font, unmistakable, stood proud and serene.

i stepped into their world.

all in only seconds. greeted with quizzical smiles and was directed to the meeting place. as i waited i inhaled deeply.


like the clothes hanging around me, and the dress of baby powder and spices she wore, it fit.

i have tried you on. and i never want to take you off.

i can’t go back.

i’ve been spoiled.

❤ VS

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busy bee.

Posted in News by Virgil Sparks on October 26, 2009

this is going to be a crazy busy week for me kids.

finally some interviews and prospects.

i’ll keep you posted.

cross your fingers.

❤ VS

gag’s 4 life.

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❤ VS

OMFG… yes i just used caps.

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please tom ford.

marry me.

i will have all your babies and then some.

so film noir.

the godard references are everywhere, and it’s only a 2 minute preview!

❤ you, VS

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fan me on facebook. now.

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seriously, stop effing around and click here.


❤ VS

Photo: Hassan Said

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big apple.

Posted in News by Virgil Sparks on September 19, 2009

i’ve been doing a lot of photoshopping / drawing in the past few weeks getting my portfolio ready for my big nyc interviews. (and one top secret thing that i mentioned before, and will keep updating you as information progresses.)



i’ve also updated to a new business card from one of the flowers i painted during textiles class. i’ve integrated the series into my potfolio as well, and my resume. which i’ll be posting here soon after a few more revisions.


i’m  here new york. so take a bite.

❤ VS

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i <3 NY.

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Photo 96

so, it’s 8:40am monday, and it’s my first day of shows. it’s hard to get a good pic of my first major outfit with my current setup, but this will have to do. i think i look pretty good… atleast from the chest up 😉

with one show lined up today, we’ll see how many more i can finagle my way into.

my first day yesterday had some high moments, an amazing lady in burger king (i was there for the local charm), i was interviewed on the street for a documentary about nuclear weapons, and had my first subway experience, which was pretty nice! it’s air conditioned!

let’s see if ny loves me back today.

❤ VS

Aids Walk SF

Posted in News, Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on May 13, 2009

Hey faithful readers! I’m doing the Aids Walk in San Francisco this year, and am hoping to reach my fundraising goal and can use all the help I can get!!!!!

Donate or enter yourself here:

Happy walking! 🙂

❤ VS

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