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i just want my life to be filled with fresh, easy moments, plush vintage furniture, exotic animals, beautiful clothes, lots of sparkle, and a permanent haze that constantly drifts around my dreamy mind…

doesn’t that just sound lovely?

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so, i’m in love with the amazing-ness that is the brooklyn flea market. if i had it my way, i would be there every day. the vintage is amazing, the selection of new works by local artists/jewelers is top notch, and the food is super tasty!

i got the above brushed, mohair/wool sweater in this awesome mustard. along with the slightly used (which makes it slightly better) dooney & bourke bag bellow.

i see all these homos and bros running around town with their satchels and clutches and i just want a little recognition for being the one to start this shit.

i’ve been using purses since i would take my mom’s old ones to carry around my toys on long car trips and to and from play dates.

just sayin’.

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Lee Alexander McQueen

1969 – 2010

all my love.

you will be missed more than i can imagine.

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if you didn’t know, my “day job” is partnering with jil sander (the person) on a special line called +J at uniqlo.

this was my favorite piece from the collection. it took me a month to get, (not that it’s unreasonably priced, it’s just we couldn’t use our discount at first, and then when we could, we were always out of the size i wanted, since i wanted it a size up to be a little relaxed in the fit.)

but it’s tres chic.


❤ VS

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“they look like shit on the hanger.”

but on the body. they truly come to life.

stay tuned for new updates from my new freelance job at a new label; verlaine, designed by vaughan alexander.

it’s real good. like if lanvin and rick owens had a love child that goes to rock clubs and falls asleep in her make-up after coming home at 6am.


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pitter patter.

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february 14th, also known as ‘virgil day’ is fast approaching. so i thought i would give you a list of things to make all of our hearts beat a little faster.


Lizzie Fortunato

Chanel Boutiques


Alexander Wang

i saved the best two for last…


my heart just stopped…


don’t forget to wear your red.

❤ VS