color me ‘obsessed’.

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i am unequivocally in LOVE with these scarfs! i’m dying to have one!

and everyone has one! marc jacobs is looking all douchey with one, and rihanna’s going all nutso in her video with one!

it isn’t fair!

my fav is ADR’s pink/black&white striped one.

how do i get one! i can’t take it!

❤ VS


making my list.

Posted in Dee-Luxe Editions, Fashion, Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on December 15, 2010

it’s been a bit since i’ve blogged, so i thought what better way to get back into the swing of things than a list of christmas presents for you all to peruse!


reading material:

Lanvin Book: It will look great in my apartment, as well as a fantastic source of inspiration… besides, i’m a total lanvinophile.

“The Art of Happiness” – i’m reading it right now, but i borrowed it from a friend and can’t highlight/underline/write in the margins, so i must own my own copy. if you haven’t read it, i highly suggest it, the beauty of simplicity of buddhism is slowly changing my life.

things to make me look cool:

Ray Ban Wayfarer: i’ve never owned a nice pair of sunnies… and since i didn’t get my lanvin ❤ h&m ones, these will do.

Prova Leopard Fringe Scarf: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! need this in my LIFE!


Lanvin Alien Print Tee: love this color, and love cool tees.

Lanvin Black Satin Bowtie: cus i’m classy.

Lanvin Parrot Embroidered Cap: seriously? mazeballs.



Alkemie Deco Scarab Necklace: bug-a-boo!!!! and they donate to a charity of your choice!

Rosewood Cuff: i’m loving wood jewelry right now, and this one is ideal because bangles so often won’t fit my hands!!!

Seed Bead Necklace: my bestie amy has one similar to this in pink, but i LOVE this green! and it’s so big!!!! dying!


i’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect thin, leather gloves. i used to have an amazing pair of motorcycle ones but lost them at a pizza place on a friends birthday… yes, i had been drinking. now stop judging me.

Dents Leather Studded Driving Gloves

Kenneth Cole Chain Leather Gloves

Labour of Love Leather and Suede Gloves

i think that about sums it up for now. wouldn’t want to look greedy. though i’m surprised there’s not a bag on here anywhere….

my game must be off.

happy shopping.

❤ VS


Posted in Dee-Luxe Editions, Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on February 16, 2010

so, i’m in love with the amazing-ness that is the brooklyn flea market. if i had it my way, i would be there every day. the vintage is amazing, the selection of new works by local artists/jewelers is top notch, and the food is super tasty!

i got the above brushed, mohair/wool sweater in this awesome mustard. along with the slightly used (which makes it slightly better) dooney & bourke bag bellow.

i see all these homos and bros running around town with their satchels and clutches and i just want a little recognition for being the one to start this shit.

i’ve been using purses since i would take my mom’s old ones to carry around my toys on long car trips and to and from play dates.

just sayin’.

❤ VS


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if you didn’t know, my “day job” is partnering with jil sander (the person) on a special line called +J at uniqlo.

this was my favorite piece from the collection. it took me a month to get, (not that it’s unreasonably priced, it’s just we couldn’t use our discount at first, and then when we could, we were always out of the size i wanted, since i wanted it a size up to be a little relaxed in the fit.)

but it’s tres chic.


❤ VS

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more black.

Posted in Dee-Luxe Editions, Fashion, Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on January 15, 2010

this week at my new job, we were required to wear all black for the launch of the spring +J line. (that’s right kids, i’m once again a retail ho; i’m now at the uniqlo store.) not owning a lot of black to begin with, i used my new discount on one of the already inexpensive (but surprisingly nice) cotton/cashmere sweaters.

i purchased the sweater 3 sizes too big, and my original intention was to put a pleat twist in the shoulder, to give it some interest, but after a couple of tries, i realized that while the shirt was slouchy enough in it’s width, it wasn’t long enough to give a nice silhouette. and the fact that it was already assembled, meant that the placement of the detail was always semi-awkward. so, upon the removal of the final attempts try, i accidently put a couple small holes in it while removing the seam. so i decided to go with it.

after 3 days and several hours of much hand work, i’m extremely pleased with the results, and can add another notch to my d.i.y. post.

my co-workers were smitten.

❤ VS

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new. old boots.

Posted in Dee-Luxe Editions by Virgil Sparks on December 30, 2009

in the spirit of my new shopping rules and ‘uniform‘ dressing, i stole a pair of my father’s slightly worn work boots and made a slight enhancement with grosgrain laces. i think they came out pretty cool.

and thanks to my bestie laurel for the awesome christmas gift below. we picked it out together. i was down to two choices in the store, and i opted for the handmade, dyed coconut shell necklace, it’s really beautiful in person, with the varying tones and scratches.

I threw them together with a slouchy denim shirt, and a pair of long johns, both purchased from my recent trip to iowa. sorry for the low pic quality, i’m working on acquiring something with a little more oomph.

anywho, i think this is definitely  a step in the right direction for my evolving closet. how bout you?