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Posted in Fashion, Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on September 18, 2009


after being bumped from the guestlist, i snuck into tibi through the standing line. it was my first ever show in the bryant park tents. and it went rather well. this season was quite a turn around for me, if you remember my review of last season tibi, i was a little bored, but this time, while she kept it simple, she kept it smart. the colors were fresh in an “non-marc jacobs-’80s” sort of way. it was obviously designed for her clients, and to sell.

and i had two mini freak out moments when bruna and jordan walked down the runway. 2 of my other faveys.

god i need a good camera.

❤ VS

Photos: Marcio Madeira

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Giant Fuzzy Hats Take Over NY! Tibi Catches Trend!

Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on February 23, 2009


And I want to be the next one to be sent to quarantine! As more and more designers seem be be catching GFHS (Giant Fuzzy Hat Syndrome) I want it to be colder and colder! While Tibi designer Amy Smilovic claims to be pushing the envelope with her Fall ’09 Collection, I find that it still seems a little safe in comparison with what else is going on now.

Her colors were fresh, but the Russian Fairy-tale inspired prints were not as out there as they could have been. She continued with her strong shoulder shapes from last season, that also touched on a Fall ’09 trend.

Next time though, with a hopefully climbing economy, I hope that she doesn’t just push the envelope, but rips it open with a little knife, wads it up, and throws it in the trash….er, well…. recycling bin, on her way out the door.

❤ VS

Photo: Marcio Madeira

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