Richard Chai Fall ’09

Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on February 23, 2009

Richard Chai’s recent collection hits all the right marks for what we should expect the fashionable downtown women to be wearing come August. His mix of fluttery printed dresses and, hard edge leather and wool tailoring gives a shoppers closet a lot to be pining over.

The strong shoulders and tapered/wide leg pants are dead on from what we’ve been seeing in the tents, and his color palette is on the muted, more serious side, but never goes drab. The clothes are exactly what the hip, young, club goers should be throwing on as they run out the door.

Who needs to splurge on the money for confetti or fireworks at a party… when you can wear them there?

❤ Vs

Photo: Marcio Madeira

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Giant Fuzzy Hats Take Over NY! Tibi Catches Trend!

Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on February 23, 2009


And I want to be the next one to be sent to quarantine! As more and more designers seem be be catching GFHS (Giant Fuzzy Hat Syndrome) I want it to be colder and colder! While Tibi designer Amy Smilovic claims to be pushing the envelope with her Fall ’09 Collection, I find that it still seems a little safe in comparison with what else is going on now.

Her colors were fresh, but the Russian Fairy-tale inspired prints were not as out there as they could have been. She continued with her strong shoulder shapes from last season, that also touched on a Fall ’09 trend.

Next time though, with a hopefully climbing economy, I hope that she doesn’t just push the envelope, but rips it open with a little knife, wads it up, and throws it in the trash….er, well…. recycling bin, on her way out the door.

❤ VS

Photo: Marcio Madeira

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Duckie Brown Catches the DVF “Fuzzy Bug”

Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on February 23, 2009


Since their 2007 CFDA nod the duo Steven Cox and Daniel Silver of Menswear label, Duckie Brown haven’t let their guard down on keeping up with what men want.

Their collection for Fall ’09 consists of boxy silhouettes, slouchy knits and structured suits. A mostly grey tonal color palette with punches of orange (mostly in gloves and giant pom-pon knit caps) seems both Winter appropriate, as well as being fresh.

The giant scarves fit quite nicely into my ‘must-have’ list for men’s cold weather wardrobes, along with the Lanvin Fall ’09 Collection.

I know Spring is just about to start, but now I find myself yearning for it to be September.

❤ VS

Photo by Thomas Iannaccone

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Love or Hate: Fall ’09 NY Fashion

Posted in Fashion, Love or Hate by Virgil Sparks on February 19, 2009

In the world of fashion things change in the blink of an eye, and so opinions must be made quick, accurately, and with confidence. That is why for our first installment of “Love or Hate” we’ll be talking about NYC’s Fall ’09 Fashion Week. This is an obvious start since there really is no room for grey area in fashion, so make a choice kids; Love… or Hate.

Rodarte: Love

Badgley Mischka: Love

Donna Karan: Love

Rag & Bone: Hate

Preen: Love

William Rast: Hate

Alexander Wang: Hate

Mulberry: Love

TSE: Love

Marc Jacobs: Love

Lacoste: Love

…. more to come.

❤ VS

Photo: Marcio Madeira

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Shake ya Pom-Pon

Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on February 17, 2009


With the Fall ’09 NY shows well underway since last Thursdays (tiding me over until week four in Paris) I noticed that good ole’ DVF is blazing onwards and upwards.

Her dark, muted color palette with punches of gold, copper and red and comforting silhouettes and slouchy, coziness makes you want to cover up with your significant other while rolling around in a pile of giant pom-pons.

While this show is classic DVF, I can take comfort in that, as well as her bunches of fluff.

❤ VS

Photos: Marcio Madeira

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All the Right Notes

Posted in Fashion, News by Virgil Sparks on February 11, 2009

This past Sunday evening marked the 51st annual Grammy Awards and the stars were out in full bloom, (some of them, like Miley Cyrus and Audrina Partridge had me scratching my head as to why they were there amongst the REAL famous people.)

And while not all of our sugary, red carpet goodness was a hit, (check out the hot mess that was Ms. Paula, I’m too ashamed to post it on my own blog, so you’ll have to google that shiz) I have picked my top picks from the archives I could find, so here is my Grammy Top Ten.

10. Coming in at the bottom of my list is Gwyneth Paltrow. While I loved her look, in current Versace, it was just not very red carpet ready, GF shoulda lost that cardi and took the time to throw up her hair, and she would have jumped a good 5 spots.

9. Our next guest even surprised me by my choice, Paris Hilton was at the Grammy’s in vintage Versace and while the mini dress was definitely a big trend this year, she was one of the people to pull the look off incredibly well.

8.  Our next spot is from newcomer Estelle. While her dress may not be better than the past two, I must give her some props for going for an extreme look with a high fashion edge from Bernard Chandran.

7. What top ten fashion list is complete without a lil M.I.A.? Those Christian Lacroix kicks are tres bonne.

6. While her thoughtful choice in gowns didn’t break the upper half of the list, Sheryl Crow took a slight gamble. Her Toni Maticevski dress was definitely off the beaten trail, but not far enough to make her look off the charts as well.5. At numero 5 we have the lovely Kate Beckinsale in Reem Acra, I didn’t know she sang, but her look was polished, pulled together and stunning.

4. The girl with my current favorite music video slides into my number 4 slot with this adorable Luisa Beccaria dress. She looks like a cupcake and I want to take a big ole’ bite of Sarah Bareilles!

3. Kicking off the top three, the “I Kissed A Girl” singer looks positively lovely in this Basil Soda gown. The shade of pink is perfection, and the hair and jewels are to die for. Go Katy Perry!

2. Jennifer Hudson steals the number two spot for being both avante garde, AND chic. She chose a RM by Roland Mouret dress, (that I’ve been studying for weeks at Neiman Marcus) that has the look that Estelle was trying for, but didn’t quite reach. (Give me a call my little British songbird, and I’ll outfit you fo’ sho’.)

and at #1…..

Taylor Swift looked ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in this Kaufman Franco stunner. The talented young singer hit every note and took my breath away with this dress… (literally, I did the “gay inhale.”) If you read this Miss Swift, PLEASE contact me, I will make you gowns for the rest of our lives!!!!

❤ VS


Posted in Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on February 9, 2009

So pretty, just thought ya’ll might enjoy this…

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Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on February 8, 2009

For our next installment of 157, we’re going to be chillin’ with the lovely Dee Larsen in between our interpretive dance moments. One of the Bay Area’s very own, Ms. Larsen was handpicked by Madame Stevens fresh out of high-school to attend the ‘Cademy, and started her learning process in the Fine Arts Department.

“Originally I felt that saying I was a “Fashion Major” sounded a little pretentious, but the University doesn’t offer Fine Arts as a double major, and since I’ve always wanted to do this from the time I was making outfits for my Barbie’s, I just had to get over the fact that I might sound like a douche when someone asked what I do.”

When beginning her Senior Collection she thought that it should represent her tastes, personality and aesthetic. That it should be the epitome of her as a designer and the things she loved. She started with her all familiar post apocalyptic vibe and from there was drawn to movies that were similar from her past; specifically Mad Max and Waterworld.

“I have this dream of slaughtering all the lambs in California.”


This is why her collection, which is filled with zippers, thoughtful draping, and made almost entirely out of pigs and lambs skins is as amazing as it is. Her dark, muted color palette with a punch of a surprising color, (I’ll keep it a surprise,) achieves all of her goals.”

When asked about her road since the beginning of last semester she stares me down and says:

“It’s been intense. Intense but gratifying. With the long hours and hard work it’s difficult to keep focused after looking at your mock-ups being cut up and written all over and made out of these shitty fabrics. But in the end, after you see them made from the real fabrics that you’ve had to hunt for and spend hundreds, and on occasion thousands of dollars on, it’s worth every second and penny.”

She’ll continue this road over the upcoming weeks, in the hope of making it through that final cut. While we all know she’s going to make it, we shall send her back to work with our thoughts and prayers.

❤ VS

“Si se puede!”

Different than the ones your parents told you about…

Posted in Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on February 8, 2009

In case you haven’t heard, (or heard of them,) my FAVORITE band “The Bird and The Bee” will be doing a live set this Monday night at the Independent in San Francisco.

I missed them the last time they were here because I was under the age of 21… and apparently the Fillmore doesn’t think you should be allowed to listen to good music without a cocktail… assholes.

But with a new album, and a cute new hair-do, this LA duo is sure to be a crowd pleaser, at least for me… I really couldn’t care less if other people have fun.

So if you want to TRY to be cool like me, I’ll see you there Monday night with a Stella in hand!

Check out the vid to the song I’ve had on repeat for some days now off they’re new album, “Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future.

Anyone up for sushi?

❤ VS

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Posted in News by Virgil Sparks on February 4, 2009


With less than 10 weeks to the much anticipated AAU Graduate Spring Fashion Show, I’ve decided that every few days or so I’ll profile one of our rising stars competing for a spot in the grand line-up. As well as shedding light on some of the new things that will be happening at this years show; (i.e. my own involvement, along with 5 other design students, to be the first undergraduates to ever participate in the Fashion/Jewelry Collaboration).

So stay tuned for all the news, haps and juicy gossip from the infamous room #157.

❤ VS