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i’m in.

❤ VS

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dyed black couches.

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i walked into the building, the chill on my cheeks, the mist on my lips.

nervous but calm i pressed the elevator button. it glowed. i stepped inside and pressed floor 4 and i started up. the door opened to my right, surprised i looked and saw a gallery, the sign in the elevator said “3rd floor” so i proceeded down.

the door slid open.

eyes wide and mouth agape i took in the sight of what was in front of me. a world i have only dreamt of. the exposed brick walls with white wash in places. the dingy patchwork panels floating both quietly and elegantly to divide the large space from fittings, show room, shipments and technology.

to my left the font, unmistakable, stood proud and serene.

i stepped into their world.

all in only seconds. greeted with quizzical smiles and was directed to the meeting place. as i waited i inhaled deeply.


like the clothes hanging around me, and the dress of baby powder and spices she wore, it fit.

i have tried you on. and i never want to take you off.

i can’t go back.

i’ve been spoiled.

❤ VS

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busy bee.

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this is going to be a crazy busy week for me kids.

finally some interviews and prospects.

i’ll keep you posted.

cross your fingers.

❤ VS


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two of my fave new it girls lyndsey scott and shu pei qin have blown up this season and have been included in style.com’s selection of top 10 new faces.

00380mlyndsey scott


for the full list click here.

wanna work for me girlies?

❤ VS

Photos courtesy of Style.com

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a hot, sticky, saturday night.

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jo craw will rock your world in this.

strait jacket is a must see.

but only snuggled up with a southerner on a couch that hates you, but lets you draw on it.

❤ VS

rough house.

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ny is not kidding around. they mean business, even when they party.

i got invited to go to a haunted house/performance club last night thrown by “the box” and i must say. it was interesting….

3 floors of crazy costumes, coffin rides, weird performances, and $11 vodka cranberries were all just underwhelmingly too much.

let’s try to stay away from going out in the times square area.

lesson learned.

but now the real question is, what am i going to be for halloween?

❤ VS

alexis roll.

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a shoot of the bob toy shoot for the academy of art university.

i forgot to put the battery in.

but i think i like it more.

❤ VS

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moon beam gets growd up.

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hey SF peeps. it’s my bestie bestersons 30 y/o today. so show her some love and head over to medicine agency HQ to party with her! it’s only the right thing to do. and if you bring her a present, put my name on the card cus i can’t go.


oh, and check out her bomb-ass shit here, and the link is always posted in my favorites at the bottom of the page.


love ya LM2


hey… oh!

❤ VS

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gag’s 4 life.

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