In Case You Ever Wondered…

Posted in Fashion, Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on March 28, 2009


If you’ve ever thought to yourself why I, or thousands if not millions of people work in the fashion industry, or care about the clothing we put on our backs, maybe this statement will help you understand why.

In a recent interview, the man and designer that I most idolize, Alber Elbaz, the artistic director for Lanvin says that a woman once came up to him and told him, “…that every time she wore Lanvin, men fell in love with her.” He told her, “Ugh, I hope next time you will tell me that every time you wear Lanvin, you fall in love.” And she said, “What is the difference?” To which he replied, “Passive and active.”

It is this man that has summed up years of my own thought. If one day a women walked up to me and said, “The day I first put you on, I fell in love,” I would probably cry. But I think that over all we forget the things we fall in love with aren’t always people. It could be a sight, or smell, color, sound or song, a flower, a taste, a way of thinking… if I could inspire just one person to feel this way about something in the space of a day, evening, or hour I will have felt my life to be complete.

Growing up, my Aunt always told me to “Dress to impress.” So the next time you walk to your closet or pull open a drawer, think about what you’re reaching in to put on for the rest of that day, it could be the day that you fall in love.

❤ VS