Posted in Fashion by Virgil Sparks on March 23, 2009

I know it’s been awhile, but after spending a full Spring-break in 157, I felt it was time to update you on the progress. This week, we’re chillin’ with the affectionately curious, Yu Qi Tan.

After a brief stint at the University of Iowa where she was taking her LA’s in the pursuit of a BA in Business, the Singapore native changed her mind to come to SF to pursue her love of art in a more diverse, multi-cultural city.

“I’ve always liked fabrics, texture and different shapes. I had considered using my studying career on textile design, but in the end it was my love of fabric discovery that drew me to design.”

Her use of neoprene in her up coming collection should definitely vouch for that. When questioned about her Senior collection inspiration she responds in one word, “Wrapping.”

Can you be more specific?photo-701

“I started on my journey with the Geoffrey Beene project, when I started my quest for using non-fabrics as fabrics. I then explored the idea of straight lines mixed with curves. From there, through the toiling process I played with the ideas of textures and prints, mostly because I was just using the fabrics under the tables. Many of the garments came about more by accident than previous thought. The idea of different colored facings and contrast colors began when I just ran out of my original self fabric and Rob threw me a scrap and said to work with it. Afterwards we thought that it was nice, and introduced the idea further into my collection.”

Her brightly diverse choice of colors and prints will definitely leave the viewer questioning the combination. Which is what it is intended to do, “Who said what colors should go with others? Who made those rules?”

No one I know.

So let’s wish her luck as she continues to discover and question the limits of fashion. Thank god somebody is.

Over and out.

❤ VS