more black.

Posted in Dee-Luxe Editions, Fashion, Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on January 15, 2010

this week at my new job, we were required to wear all black for the launch of the spring +J line. (that’s right kids, i’m once again a retail ho; i’m now at the uniqlo store.) not owning a lot of black to begin with, i used my new discount on one of the already inexpensive (but surprisingly nice) cotton/cashmere sweaters.

i purchased the sweater 3 sizes too big, and my original intention was to put a pleat twist in the shoulder, to give it some interest, but after a couple of tries, i realized that while the shirt was slouchy enough in it’s width, it wasn’t long enough to give a nice silhouette. and the fact that it was already assembled, meant that the placement of the detail was always semi-awkward. so, upon the removal of the final attempts try, i accidently put a couple small holes in it while removing the seam. so i decided to go with it.

after 3 days and several hours of much hand work, i’m extremely pleased with the results, and can add another notch to my d.i.y. post.

my co-workers were smitten.

❤ VS

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