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the other day my soon-to-be-future-amazing-architect friend showed me a plan for a future city that was devoid of all urbanism. It got me thinking about my new city life, the evolution of fashion and “futurism” as well as my own personal growth that i’m sure is to come.

my mental musing was further pushed today as i watched a wwd interview of stella mccartney live online, where she brought up the key points that i’ve been wanting to address. so now i shall. but where to begin?

i guess i should start at the root of the issue of a place devoid of urbanism. in our society today, such a thought really doesn’t surprise me as we are already on a path to a world devoid of humanism, or life in general. let alone a specific “way of life.”

the irony of watching the feed of stella live online, discussing such topics as twitter and facebook was not lost on me. it made me wonder what it would have been like to really have been present. to be able to raise my hand and ask a question, feel and hear the laughter at her comments, taste the air, smell the perfume of the woman in front of me, and even the possibility of shaking her hand.

everyday a million statuses are updated, messages are sent, tweets are tweeted, and our lives are completely exposed, without ever having to come into contact with another physical presence.

am i wrong, or is this kind of weird?

as we move forward to a life stripped away of senses, and our clothes become more uniformed (“recession dressing”) i wonder about our loss of tradition.

while many feel fashion is behind the times when it comes to certain aspects, ie; leather goods, fur, couture, prices, techniques, etc. i can’t help but to loudly defend it’s ways. that chanel jacket is so expensive because it was sewn by hand, with a needle and thread. the fabric was woven in a mill in france by people who have been doing it for over a hundred years, and the trim was specifically made from that fabric by an elderly woman in the outskirts of paris on a loom that she made and is the only one who can work it and has been doing so since coco herself changed her name, put a pen to paper, and changed the way women dressed forever.

not to say that i don’t believe progression should happen, it is fashion’s very essence to do so, and i do think that some of the things i stated should take on new roles in it’s own way. but as i always say:

“how can you know where you’re going, if you don’t remember where you’ve been?”

our past is what defines us. it shapes who we are, and it is no different in any other aspect of the world. i do not believe these things should be forgotten. dreams should always be remembered, it’s what gave us the strength and hope to bring us to the places we are today.

in a recently discovered interview with monsieur elbaz he talks about why he works in fashion, the fact that he gives things for people to dream about, and that is his job. to create a fantasy. where would any of us be without the dreams we’ve reached for since we were to young to remember where they came from?

the mystique and imagination of the world is what pushes us to create, to discover, to look forward into the future. a future that i do not believe should be so dismal. it should be full of life, and yes, that includes the darkness. we should follow are intuitions when it comes to how we move forward. if i personally did not listen to my gut, and dare to dream, i would not be sitting here now, in new york city, with a future that looks so bright. even in the shadows of my mind.

so i beg of you, those who take the time to read my small little stories. pick up a pen, and write a letter instead of an email. turn off your cameras and take a mental picture the next time you are with your friends and family. laugh out loud, don’t “lol.” stop and smell the roses. touch the canvas before you apply the paint.

feel with me.

dream with me.

love with me.

❤ VS


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  1. ostrov said, on December 3, 2009 at 4:58 am

    Thank you,
    very interesting article

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