i need a fancy camera.

Posted in Shiz I Love by Virgil Sparks on September 16, 2009

drinking and the subway don’t mix. but the combination does make for an interesting adventure. after my first tent fashion show at tibi (where my guest list plan was thwarted and i ended up sneaking in) which i’ll post with the rest of my fashion week coverage when the shows are over. i found myself with a free evening and decided to get ahold of my favey zana. my faux-sista dee told me she was THE person to befriend in this balla town, and so i made it a mission.

her greatness was sooooo nice and immediately invited me to a club in the lower east side that she was going to dj for. after a few drinks at ammos, a fantastic mediterranean restaurant that my friend brookes (who was kind enough to put me up this week) works at.

three cosmos later i was on the wrong subway train, and a hour later than that i was ordering a drink at broadway east, talking to random girls during the chictopia/forever21 party. zana’s set was good, the perfect sit down and talk music (though it seemed the people there were wanting to dance) and she had me at ‘heavy cross’.

check out her blog and the pics of us from last night below.





all pics courtesy of zana, http://www.garbagedress.com

❤ VS


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