crying is not allowed in an airport

Posted in Uncategorized by Virgil Sparks on August 10, 2009

I am currently on the floor next to an outlet in the Denver International Airport on my way to Iowa just having left San Francisco, which is no longer my home. The past five years that I’ve spent in that city have been the best of my life. And even though I wasn’t born and raised there, it is definitely where I grew up.

Heartbreaks, muggings, love, relationships, and knowledge have all been acquired from my time spent there. It was the most tearful goodbye I have ever had in my life. Now as I sit here, I wonder how I am different from the boy of 17 who moved there alone with no connections of any kind, just the hopes and dreams of things that are bigger and better. Which is still true today.

Regardless of who I am, or who I’m going to become in my next destination, New York City, what I can say is that what I take with me are some of the best memories from one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Not that I have a whole lot to compare it too, but I’ve heard stories. More than that, I have the one thing I’ve always held in the highest regard; my relationships.

While many new, amazing friendships have been acquired, and a few have been sorely lost, I feel that what I have learned, I have learned best through the people I keep close to me, for whatever amount of time or personal distance that may be.

So maybe now, I am who I am because of how I’ve seen the world through the eyes of my own reflection in them. And it is these new relationships that we push through over the years that help create who we are, how we change.

If that’s the case, who we are can not only be defined by the actions we take in our daily lives, but the people we surround ourselves with. Each of us growing together simultaneously, vicariously through one another. So even when our lives have been stripped down to 12 boxes, 2 suitcases, a carry on and the clothes on our backs we still all amount to the worth that is our friends and family.

While I will miss the somberness of downtown at 3 am when no one is around, and the views from Coit Tower, and the way I always feel when coming across the Bay Bridge with the city in my sight… the quiet awe of it all, I will miss most of all the friends I have made here, who have been with me through some of the most straining parts of my life.

Without them, I wouldn’t be… well, whoever it is I am today. I guess New York will have to tell me that… if it can.

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